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Winter bridal session at Oak Atelier

An Oak Atelier bridal session is such a beautiful option for Houston brides! Sometimes using your venue is not an option, like in Chloe’s case, and The Willow at Oak Atelier was perfect!

Oak Atelier Bridal Session

The weather in Houston is, we’ll just call it finicky. Sometimes it is beyond gorgeous and sometimes it rains and it rains hard, a little too often in my opinion. I always tell myself that in order to have all of this green that surrounds us, that I love, it has to rain. If you do your bridal session in the Willow at Oak Atelier, you don’t need to worry about the weather! And you still have the gorgeous natural light! Such a win-win!

Chloe had a gorgeous day for her bridal session! No rain in sight this day! I was able to shoot this session for my good friend Christina Elliott Photography. And it was such a JOY!

Bridal Sessions are the BEST! I really think that every bride should do them. I did write a blog post, kind of a love note to bridal sessions, if you will, you can read that HERE. It gives many reasons why you should do a bridal session and some reasons why you, maybe, should not do a bridal. I think it is a great resource!

There are a couple of things that I tell every bride so that they can have a successful bridal session. Get your hair and make-up done, bring your veil (if you are going to have one), have your bouquet (as similar as possible to the one that you will have on your wedding day) and bring someone to help you. Most of my brides bring their mom and it is the cutest thing! I highly suggest it! Those are such precious memories that you will be making, while also getting beautiful pictures.

Bridal Session in The Willow at Oak Atelier
Willow Bridal Session
Greenhouse Bridal session at Oak Atelier
Bridal Session at Oak Atelier in the Willow
Bridal Session at Oak Atelier
Willow Bridal session at Oak Atelier
Oak Atelier Bridal Session at the Greenhouse
Bridal Session in the Greenhouse at Oak Atelier
The Willow Bridal Session in Houston
Houston Bridal Session
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Bridal session in Conroe Texas
Bridal session at Oak Atelier in Conroe
Greenhouse Bridal Session
Houston Bridal Session
Willow Bridals at Oak Atelier
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