Hi! I’m Mollie Jane! I am a wife, mommy and photographer based in Houston, Texas. It’s so boring and cliché to say that I always knew that I wanted to be a photographer since I was young. And that is definitely not the case.  Being a full-time “wedding photographer” was not even a thing then…seriously.

My journey to photography started with a point and shoot camera, some Costco prints and a scrapbooking class when I was 13-years-old. I was hooked on capturing those moments. I always had a camera in my hand. I was on my high school newspaper and was my school Historian. I literally always had a camera in my hand!

Still, when I went to college, wedding photography, as we know it, did not exist. I decided to major in History Teaching at BYU. As I got to the end of my schooling, I was miserable. I decided that I deserved to be happy and do something I loved. I graduated from BYU with my degree in history and then enrolled in art school at the University of Utah. I graduated with my BFA in Photography. I photographed my first wedding in 2005! I am a huge believer in choosing happiness. I will forever be grateful I made that decision for myself.

While I was at the University of Utah, I met my husband, Carlos. Shortly after getting married, we moved back to my home, where I was born and raised, in Southern California. It was there, in 2008, Mollie Jane Photography was born! It was also there that we welcomed our three little ones, Leo, Bella and Andre.

I like to say I love love because I know love! Carlos, Leo, Bella and Andre are my everything!

In January 2021, we made another big leap and chose happiness, we packed up this cute little family of mine and moved our entire life and Mollie Jane Photography on a new adventure in Houston, Texas! We are beyond happy to be here! I feel like I was born to be a wedding photographer in Houston. It is THE BEST!

I am blessed to be able to do what I absolutely love, just like when I was 13 years old, capture all the moments, from your fun-filled engagement session to your wedding day and everything in between! And then photographing your family for YEARS to come.  I would love to talk to you about how Mollie Jane Photography can help capture your day in a perfect, stress-free way. You deserve it!

Wife.  Mommy.  Photographer

Mollie Jane

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Mollie was a dream!

So fun, so thoughtful. She came with experience and great ideas for poses and shots. She genuinely LOVES her job and her clients and I can't say enough wonderful things - our photos were what I dreamed of! Would hire her again in a heartbeat.!

- Sara & Mike