Hello! I’m so glad that you found Mollie Jane Photography! I am Mollie Jane. I am a wife, mommy, and photographer. A little about me:

- I was born and raised in Southern California.  During college and our early "married life" we lived in Idaho and Utah, but I NEED all the palm trees and warm winters.
- I graduated from BYU with my BS in history. My last semester of my senior year I decided that I was going to pursue my dream of being a photographer. I went back to the University of Utah and received my BFA in Photography.

- I met my handsome husband, Carlos, while I was at the University of Utah and we were married in November 2007. Best day ever!

- After years of working for other photography studios and dealing with Utah winters, we decided to go “home” and start my own photography business…and Mollie Jane Photography was born in July 2008, in Southern California. 

- We now have 3 kids. They are my favorite! Our whole reason why…Leo is 9, Bella is 7 and Andre is 4.  I love my family!

- I like to say I love love because I know love. Carlos, Leo, Bella and Andre are my everything!

- Take me to the beach, any day of the week, for any reason. I thrive off of the sea air, even better if my toes are in the sand. Bliss!

- I have a crazy huge sweet tooth!  I love, with a passion that burns deep, anything sugary, especially cake, cupcakes, cookies, donuts and sour gummy worms.  It can be a problem.  It is almost an impossibility to turn it down.  I will have a slice of your wedding cake and love every second of it!

- We are a Disney family. We have had Disneyland Annual passes since 2008!  It is my happy place. I just like to walk around and be there, feel the Disney Magic.  And the whole family is excited to spend a lot more time at Disney World!  

- We are very excited for our new adventure in Houston, Texas in 2021!

-  My guilty pleasure:  Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise.  I'm not even going to apologize.  I watch it after my kids go to bed and I love it, it's my me time!

- I love Frank Sinatra songs because they remind me of weddings. Is that weird? I really LOVE what I do! I know that photography is what I am meant to do! Thank you for letting me be a part of such special moments.

Wife.  Mommy.  Photographer

Mollie Jane

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses



Give me all the frosting.  My weakness.


Mickey. Churros. Castles. Fireworks. Parades. Happiness

The Beach

Take me to Newport. Any day of the week.

My Family

Carlos. Leo. Bella. Andre. They are the best!

Favorite Things


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