A Rainy Day Bridal Session at The Farmhouse | Lauren’s Bridals

Veil blowing at the Farmhouse

Even a rainy day at The Farmhouse is beautiful for a Bridal Session. Lauren is the most beautiful bride! I am so glad that I can finally post these!

Bridal Session at The Farmhouse

As I was driving to the Farmhouse, the rain was getting harder and harder and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. It wasn’t supposed to. All of my weather apps said that it was supposed to stop by the time our session was to start. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Under any other circumstance, I would definitely recommend rescheduling, but with Lauren’s busy schedule, that wasn’t possible.

The Farmhouse is an amazing venue! I was SO grateful that they had the lovely porch and the gorgeous chapel that made it possible for us to still have this beautiful session! Never mind the pouring rain and the 30 mile-an-hour wind, we had such a great time! And, let me tell you, that wind made for some seriously epic veil shots.

We started the session in the chapel that was made for light and airy photography! So unbelievable! Have you seen anything like it before?! So pretty! And then we were able to use the white porch and take advantage of that wind! At the very end of the session, the rain stopped enough that we could bundle her dress up and use the walkway from the chapel for some shots.

Even though Lauren had a rainy day bridal session at The Farmhouse and we couldn’t use the grass because it was soaked, DON’T YOU WORRY! Lauren and Austin had their Farmhouse wedding this last weekend. We had the most gorgeous day! Not a single cloud in the sky! We were able to get so many of those epic, beloved Farmhouse wedding venue views. I can’t wait to share that! It is coming very soon!

Here are some of my favorites from Lauren’s BRIDAL session at The Farmhouse.

Getting Ready in the Bridal Suite at The Farmhouse
Bridal Suite at The Farmhouse
Bridals in the Bridal Suite at The Farmhouse
The Farmhouse Bridals in the Chapel
The Farmhouse bridals with pink rose bouquet
Bridals in the Farmhouse chapel
The Farmhouse Bridals
Bridal Reflection in the Farmhouse Chapel Window
Bridal session in The Farmhouse chapel
Spinning during bridal session at Farmhouse chapel.
The Farmhouse Bridal Session
Farmhouse Bridals
Bridal Session on the porch at The Farmhouse
Bridal session on the porch at The Farmhouse
Spinning on the porch at The Farmhouse Bridal Session
Rainy Day bridal session at The Farmhouse

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