Houston Rodeo Engagement Session | Brice & Lydia

Clear umbrella at an engagement session

When Brice and Lydia decided that they wanted to do their engagement session at the Houston Rodeo, we had no idea what an adventure that we would have. I knew that it would be fun! Mother nature decided to throw us some curve balls though!

Houston Rodeo Engagement Session

Lydia wanted a fair/carnival feel to their engagement session and the Houston Rodeo was coming up! We decided on one date, but a couple of days before, there was rain in the forecast so we decided it was best to change it to the next week. (This happens quite frequently here in Houston.) Then, as that next day approached, the chance of rain kept getting higher and higher. But if they still wanted to do their engagement session at the Houston Rodeo, we had to do it that day, it was going to end! Reading all of the weather apps that we could, it looked like we might be ok. When I left my house, my app said a 0% chance of rain. Woot! It was going to be cloudy, but no rain. When I got there, guess what, it was raining! And my app now said a 70% chance of rain. Thanks! What good is a forecast?

A Rainy Engagement Session at the Houston Rodeo

Lydia and Brice had driven all the way from Louisiana for their session. We had to go for it. Luckily, these two are the MOST FUN! They were completely up for it! They just embraced it. Lydia and Brice made what could have been a really difficult situation so much fun!

We were all completely drenched by the end of the session. Literally, my shoes were full of water. We did have to duck under cover when the rain came down too hard, but other than that we were shooting during a rainstorm. It did not completely stop raining our entire shoot.

We had so much fun! I’m even more excited for their wedding next year! I’m hoping it is much dryer. They deserve it!

But these pictures are magic! It was definitely a first for me! Enjoy a few of my favorites!

Engagement session at the fair in the rain
Rainy engagement session
Houston Rodeo engagement session
Walking in the rain
kissing in the rain during an engagement session
Rainy engagement session
An engagement session in the rain
Fair games during an engagement session
Engagement Session at the fair
Houston rodeo fair engagement session
Playing canival games at an engagement session
Merry-Go-Round engagement session
Riding a merry-go-round at your engagement session
Engagement session on a merry-go-round
engagement session on a merry-go-round
cotton candy at an engagement session
carnival cotton candy at an engagement session
Walking through a carnival at an engagement session
A rainy engagement session at the carnival
A rainy engagement session at the fair
A rainy engagement session at the Houston Rodeo
Houston Rodeo Portrait session
Houston Rodeo engagement session
Carnival engagement session in the rain
Dancing in the rain at the fair

In California, I used to shoot engagement sessions at Disneyland all the time, but definitely not in the rain ever (LOL) check out one of my favorite Disneyland Engagement Sessions HERE.

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